About Us

Paul and Nome

Paul and Nome were raised, schooled, and married in Wayne County Indiana. After serving in the Marine Corps, Paul finished College and began a career working as a manufacturing engineer. For the first ten years Paul’s engineering career with Belden Corp, Systems Engineering Laboratories, and Westinghouse took their growing family from Indiana to Florida, Minnesota, and Ontario Canada. The next twenty years was spent managing manufacturing companies as Vice President, General Manager, or COO for NCR, United Telecom, Packard Bell, and Vision Technologies with industrial locations in Canada, Wisconsin, and California (Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Vista). In addition to managing the family over the years, Nome also found time to pursue her own career in project management working for several corporations including some of the ones managed by her husband.

We (Paul and Nome) opened The Computer Factory in 1995. The Computer Factory has built thousands of PC workstations over the years including hundreds for large companies like Toyota. Computer Factory workstations were standard equipment on the fleets of ships that mapped the sea floor for the World’s largest seafloor surveyor, Fugro Pelagos. Highly specialized Computer Factory PCs run hundreds of automated industrial labelers and a couple of our solar powered PC's provide navigation data from coastal mountaintops in Portugal.  We once designed a high powered portable “gamer” PC with a fold- up screen for the Saudi Emir who managed the diamond exchange in Riyadh.

While specials and high volume PC's can be profitable and fun, our main business is today and has always been helping home and small business users by solving problems and helping them to find cost effective solutions to their computing needs. Whether it is helping a business owner figure out what system will best serve their needs or showing a frustrated senior citizen how to download a photograph, it’s all the same to us. We and our technicians listen until we’re sure we understand the problem, and then we patiently and thoroughly explain the solution.  We are “old school” and “small town” in that we treat everyone and every problem with the courtesy, respect, and patience that you would extend to a friend. They call it “high tech with high touch” and everyone in our shop has it.