This is why you should not buy a “retail” Dell, HP or Lenovo desktop or notebook PC.

“Retail” PCs are designed to price compete for market share among largely unsophisticated small business and home users who have little or no concept of quality, reliability and performance. PC sellers boost their profits on these “one year warranty” low cost “retail” PCs by stuffing them with up to $100 worth of paid advertisements in the form of pop-ups, trial program and links.

“Enterprise” desktop and notebook PC specifications are developed by the same no-nonsense professionals (ITs) responsible for designing and maintaining the “enterprise” business system networks. The specifications for “enterprise” PCs are based on quality, reliability and performance, not price. “Enterprise” PCs cost two to three times as much as similar sounding “retail” PCs, and they are worth it. With three year warranties, high quality components (RAM, motherboards, drives, power supplies, ventilation fans, connectors, strain reliefs, hinges and enclosures), these computers bear little resemblance to their cheap “retail” cousins.

With few moving parts to “wear out” the emphasis shifts to the quality and reliability of the components. A three to five year old “enterprise” computer would be a far better option than a brand new retail PC, even at the same price, but they are not the same price. “Enterprise refurbs” are actually cheaper than new “retail” PCs. So with a lower price, better quality, reliability and performance, the Professional version of Windows 7 or 10, the same “one year warranty” and no annoying “bloatware”, why would anyone buy a brand new “retail” Dell or HP PC? “ It’s a no brainer” probably says it all.

We sell “Enterprise refurb” desktop and notebook PCs.

We refurbish and recondition for sale our traded-in notebooks and desktop PCs.

We design and build special applications PCs (gamers, designers, audio/video editors, day traders etc).

We assist in developing specification for special applications PC workstations.

We offer trade-in on old PCs with purchase of new or refurbished PCs.