The sales prevention department.

That’s me, at least that’s what Nome and the guys call me. Actually we are all pretty good at sales prevention when it comes to preventing the sale of new PC systems. There are often alternatives to buying a new “retail” PC that give you better performance, quality and reliability.  That’s one huge difference between the way we relate to our customers and the way the employees in “big box” retail stores like Best Buy, Fry’s, Staples and Office Depot relate to their customers. The business model for these stores is based on merchandise sales. Over 90% of their revenue and all of their profits come from new product sales, less than 10% of revenue and none of their profits come from service.

With their orientation toward product sales, big box stores have little interest in providing real customer service. Even when they try, (like Best Buy’s “Geek Squad”) when it comes to computers they are woefully inept and ridiculously expensive (check out their ratings on Google). It isn’t because they aren’t good kids, they’re simply inexperienced. The high turnover in these entry level positions coupled with an understandable lack of interest by corporate management in providing real computer service renders their technicians ineffective. Computer service and problem solving is not their business, new product sales is.

Here at the Computer Factory our primary business is service, PC sales are secondary. Our revenue may be evenly split between product sales and service but we our profitability is based on how good a job we do in solving problems and providing answers. Certainly we can sell you a brand new notebook or desktop PC with Windows 7 or 10, copy your files over and give you a trade in value on your old PC. We can also repair, reformat or upgrade your old PC. We often find that repairing or upgrading your old PC is a more cost effective solution than buying a new one. We can add or replace a business or home desktop or notebook PC with a refurbished “corporate” PC of higher quality and performance than that of a new “retail” PC costing twice as much. 

We try not to let any useful computer go to waste. A notebook PC with a broken screen may not be worth fixing, but hook it up to a monitor, close the lid and plug in a mouse and keyboard and, voila, you have a perfectly usable wi-fi desktop PC for $100 dollars. Sometime,  just when money is a little tight, you may find that you need a computer for your school, home or business. Give us a chance to help, we do it every day.

Whether for home or business, our experience and flexibility make us the best place to come for solutions to any computing issues you may be having. While it is nearly always more cost effective to bring your problems in to our shop. For those things that must be done on site, our techs are the best. 

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