The Odd Couple.

Sometimes having more than one user on a computer can cause problems. We have several ways to isolate users from one another. Oscar Madisons “Odd Couple” roommate Felix Unger popped in the other day with one of those two users on one computer problems. It went something like this.

“Neat freak” Felix Unger minced into our store wringing his hands. “We need another computer like the one you built for Oscar and me last month” 

“What’s the problem, can’t you work out a schedule?” I asked.

“That’s not a problem, Oscar and I are hardly ever home at the same time”. Felix threw his arms in the air and rolled his eyes. “It’s Oscar, He’s a computer slob and I can’t take it any longer.”

I asked Felix what Oscar did that upset him so.

“He plays violent games, he’s into dozens of singles chat rooms, he visits websites that would make a hooker blush and he downloads everything that even sounds like sex. He messes with all the settings and snoops around in my personal files”. “I’m a professional photographer, that’s how I make a living” Felix continued, “I need the computer for my business files, recipes, photo editing, and to stay in touch with my two spinster aunts in Connecticut. Lord knows what kind of E-Mail attachments they’ve been getting from me lately”

Felix began to pace.  “My entire professional and personal life is on that computer. Every time I turn it on I’ve got to wade through dozens of error prompts and porn site pop-ups. I have to back up my files every time I use the computer and to top it all off, I can’t get Oscar to pay his share of the Internet.” Felix stopped pacing and spun around.  “How fast can you build me a new one?” he pleaded.

I put my hand on his quivering shoulder. “You don’t need a new computer Felix, all you need is a “lockable hard drive”. “We can simply install a second hard drive in your computer with a key lock. When you finish using the computer you simply lock your hard drive with a key. With your drive locked, the computer will boot to Oscars drive. The computer won’t even be able to see your hard drive.”

“You mean nothing that Oscar does can effect me at all,” asked Felix incredulously.

“That’s right” I replied, “And Oscar can’t look at your personal files? “Not even a peek”, I said. “And, If you wish, you can restrict the Internet access to your hard drive until Oscar pays up”

 “Okay, lets do it,” said Felix excitedly, “Now, what can I do to keep Oscar from using the DVD drive as a drink holder”?